Black Seed Oil Now Available In Kathmandu


How to use Black Seed Oil
For topical uses, black seed oil can be massaged onto the skin. Black seed oil can be consumed in either capsule or liquid form. However, due to its strong flavor, you may want to mix the oil with honey or lemon juice before ingesting.


Black Seed Oil In Kathmandu

Black Seed Oil

Black seeds are also known as black caraway, black cumin, kalonji, and black onion seeds.

They come from Nigella sativa, a small plant with pale purple, blue, or white flowers that grows in Eastern Europe, Western Asia, and the Middle East.

People have used the tiny black seeds of the fruits of N. Sativa as a natural remedy for thousands of years. The seeds can also flavor curries, pickles, and bread in a similar way to cumin or oregano.

  • It contains thymoquinone, which is an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compound that may also have tumor-reducing properties.
  • People can ingest black seed oil in the form of capsules or apply it topically to benefit the skin. It is also possible to add oil to massage oils, shampoos, homemade skin-care products, and fragrances.
  • High-quality ones are also suitable for use in cooking, baking, and beverages.

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Black Seed Oil

500 ml, 100 ml


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